NOVACAD Systems is a Halifax-based Additive Manufacturing Solutions company focusing on supporting professional clients in aerospace, marine engineering, design, architectural, and medical fields.

Our service-based approach includes the ability to support in-house production, imaging and design, simulation modelling, and custom solutions: from large-scale full-colour and concept models, to prototypes and one-of-a-kind products.


Trusted Clients:

Our Team:


Michael Fanning

Mike is founder and president of NOVACAD Systems Inc. An early adopter of Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing  technology, Mike has been working with industrial and academic clients throughout Atlantic Canada for close to decade.

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Gregor Ash

Gregor, has close to 3 decades of experience in executive and project management, marketing and sales, export policy and strategy development. While Executive Director of the Institute for Applied Creativity (NSCAD University), Gregor collaborated with Mike to rapidly prototype a prosthetic leg – a collaboration that continued through a number of ventures focused around innovation and advanced applications of additive manufacturing. He joined NOVACAD as VP Development in 2017.

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